The classical memory game, but in the app version and set in the Qíahn universe. An attractive, simple and entertaining game for all audiences.

Qíahn is a transmedia project that was born at the beginning of 2010. His creator, Javier Ordax, wrote the basis for a medieval fantasy universe. His goal: develop a fictional environment for all ages where many products, from a board game to an animated series, could be set.

Today, Qíahn has an app, called Qíahn Tactics 2.0 for Android devices, which is a port of the board game of the same name. It also has a classic pen & paper roleplaying game, Qíahn: The coin of men, in development. There are also a couple of lines of research (augmented reality, 3D printing, childrens’ books and toys, etc) and many pieces of concept art in progress.

Available on ANDROID

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22 January 2015


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